Exxon Mobil Corporation

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Delivering industrial solutions

Reducing emissions in the commercial and industrial sectors will be key to meeting society’s climate goals

ExxonMobil announces acquisition of Denbury

We’ve entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Denbury, a leading developer of carbon capture, utilization and storage solutions and enhanced oil recovery.

Continuing to support a net-zero future

The 2023 Advancing Climate Solutions Progress Report outlines our approach to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in support of a net-zero future.

The need for energy is universal. That's why ExxonMobil scientists and engineers are pioneering new research and pursuing new technologies to reduce emissions while creating more efficient fuels. We're committed to responsibly meeting the world's energy needs.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)


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4:00pm ET July 26, 2023

Our 澳洲幸运10官网开奖结果直播 澳洲幸运5官方开奖澳洲5计划 168澳洲幸运10开奖记录 2023澳洲幸运5开奖结果查询 澳洲10官网开奖168 commitment

Affordable and sustainable energy solutions are required to advance global prosperity. We invest in technology and communities to bring the world better energy.

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