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Reasons to Buy a Wall Bed


Oct 26, 2021


The name came about due to the Murphy-style profile of the bed – two parallel slats of wood that curve toward each other, resembling a leaf or tree. It originally was just a horizontal bed with no vertical support, but they began to call it a Murphy bed because people liked it so much. Today, a Murphy bed has both a horizontal and vertical side to provide a sleeping area and is popular in many different bedroom furniture styles.

These days, wall beds are very fashionable. They look lovely in modern or contemporary styles and can be paired with matching furniture such as desks, chests of drawers, dressers, desks, or cabinets. These beautiful beds add an exciting pop of color to any room, making them a great way to jazz up the look of a flat, traditional bedroom. Murphy bed with desk These beds are also easy to install, as most come with a simple hardware set including a screw and a washer, making them reasonably easy to assemble.

If you’re shopping for a wall bed specifically, be sure to take the measurements of your room first. Some models are available in several sizes, and the best way to determine the best size for your bed is to measure the largest dimension of the area where you’d like to put it. Be sure to note the width, the height, and the diagonal measurements beside each size in inches. You’ll also need to know the depth of the space you want to fill, which the room’s square footage can determine.

Traditional beds are usually placed on the floor. This can cause many problems, especially if you live in a multi-story house or your bedroom is near stairs or a second floor up from the ground floor. When you pick out a traditional wall bed design, you won’t have to worry about this problem because the headboard is on the wall, so all you have to do is stick it in the ground. You can easily make the headboard higher or lower, depending on your preference.

Another significant benefit of wall beds is that they offer versatility. With traditional ones, you have to choose between a ladder back and a cabinet top. Beds with a headboard are much easier to use since you can have one leg sticking out from the wall and the other concealed behind drawers, shelves, or doors. This allows you to take advantage of the versatility of this type of furniture while keeping the functionality of the pieces in mind.

A traditional style of bed is also a great way to add more dimension to your bedroom. This works great for smaller rooms that have less floor space. It will give your room more depth and dimension, allowing for a lot more options when you place furniture in it. Traditional styles of wall beds generally take up more floor space, but if you place several small pieces in a long wall, then you can make it look like there’s more area in your bedroom. Using a good mattress with a great base makes your bedroom feel like a much larger space.

Wooden beds are the most common option, especially if you prefer a natural wood color. Real wood is beautiful, but some people don’t want to deal with the smell and other natural wood issues. When you pick a wall bed made of natural wood, you can eliminate these problems because the bed will comprise solid wood pieces, allowing you to skip over the smell and other issues. You can choose a single bed with a headboard on one side, or you can get a double bed with a headboard on both sides.

For those who are concerned about saving space, you’ll love wall beds. They are the perfect solution for tiny homes, have limited floor space, and need to consolidate space. Even if you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can still use wall beds by placing them in the corner of your room. You can even get them to use as a breakfast nook, so you have the convenience of a bed within arms reach when you’re eating your meal. With all these great benefits, you’ll want to get a wall bed to use in your home.

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