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Dropshipping – How it Works For Sellers


Nov 11, 2021


When an item is purchased, the drop shipper either ships it directly or delivers it to the customer’s door. In both cases, the retailer takes care of the inventory and payment. This means there is no need to handle products as the customer receives them.

Dropshipping wholesalers are available on the Internet and provide many options for shoppers to choose from. This is one reason why dropshipping is such a viable business model for new retailers.

Finding wholesale suppliers and wholesalers to work with can be a bit harder, however. Because dropshipping allows you to be in close contact with your customers, it can be challenging to find legitimate wholesalers to work with. Many unscrupulous wholesale suppliers sell knockoffs and fakes to people looking for a good deal on electronics. This can be difficult to tell apart from the real thing, and consumers have a right to be aware.

Using dropshipping for your eCommerce platform can be a bit trickier than using a wholesale company that you find through a directory. Dropshipping logo The main difference between a dropshipping wholesaler and an actual wholesale supplier is that you don’t keep the products in stock when you sell something through dropshipping. Instead, the items are sent directly to the customer. This is usually done through an online auction site or a distribution network like SaleHoo.

To get started dropshipping, you will need to open an account at a dropshipping supplier. While this doesn’t take long to set up, there is one concern that you should be aware of. There is usually an inventory supply chain that comes with these types of businesses. While SaleHoo does provide a drop shipping inventory source, they do not make it publicly available. Run a business that uses inventory sources. You may have to research suppliers yourself and hope that they are legitimate and don’t use inventory sources that you as a seller should not be associated with.

While this can be a bit inconvenient, it can be a great benefit to your dropshipping business. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying for items to keep on hand, and you can move forward with marketing efforts. While you won’t be able to see the numbers that your customers are buying from your inventory, you will see the orders coming in, and you will be able to adjust your strategy accordingly.

While researching suppliers at SaleHoo, you will see how easy it is to find the wholesalers you want to work with. SaleHoo makes it easy by providing dropshipping directory information that is kept up to date and easy to read. Another pro to working with SaleHoo is that they offer educational materials and access to online forums. The forum is filled with information from successful sellers and suppliers. These people have been in business for many years and are more than willing to share their experiences.

If you consider selling on, look into dropshipping companies and consider becoming one of their members.

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